ND-4551A and 16x DVD-RAM


Does anyone know if NEC is planning to add 16x (or 12x) DVD-RAM support to their existing ND-4551A?
I am not referring to illegal firmwares that unofficially add support for that, but official firmware versions.


I am not trying to be smart, but I don’t think anyone but NEC knows what they plan to do.
It might be worth a shot to send their customer service department an email and ask them if they know or if they could point you in the right direction.

Did NEC ever add new functionality to existing models, or are they like Plextor in this regard - bring out a new model for each minor update other than changed media list? :bigsmile:

now let’s be fair to NEC… its drives cost 1/3 that of a Plextor. so you can get 2 upgrades of a NEC for the price of one Plextor.

I read on another message board that the NEC 4570/4571 will support 16X DVD-RAM…
I guess it time for a new model (Is it the same ???)…

You missed the point. The question was if NEC plans to bring out a new model that only adds support for 16x DVD-RAM.

Any I got my NEC ND-4551A for 70 € in Germany - the Plextor PX-755A costs 85 €.

I wrong !!!
The 457x series is still only 5X DVD-RAM…
I can’t find any differences between the 455x and the 457x…

Forgive me if I ask a bullshit, but still. Is DVD-RAM 16x specifications are already out? And even if so, when will we see such a disks? In half an year, I suppose…

Well, I can barely find 5x DVD-RAM media here in Karlsruhe, Germany. Anyways, AFAIK, 12x DVD-RAM specifications are out (DVD-RAM 2.2) and there are first devices to support such high speeds (Logitech has a DVD-RAM burner that supports them).

Yes the specifications are already out from DVD Forum as RAM 2
the specs for RAM 2 say 6x 8x…12x 16x

There are announcements for 12x drives…but just that… no media in the market
so far

NEC first announced 4550/4551 as 16x but by the time the specs were not out yet, so they became 5x
Problem is that “some” older drives will not be able to read RAM 2 discs
here you can find new from one manufacturer about it:
Faster discs have also some drawbacks - one is a lower number of times you can write to them

The big question is: will NEC drives read the new discs?
first idea: maybe not
Will NEC allow them to do or will it be possible via firmware
Only NEC knows — if they will be able
if they want to do it
if they will do it…

Asking for writing capabilities will probably be too much…we have to look at present drive prices…

The 4570 has also 5x DVD-RAM support, no 16x. I wonder who told you that…

Also, what a sense for a question when no 16x rated DVD-RAM media is even available?!

Toshiba/TSST made a statement for their drives and DVD-RAM2 media.
Clears things up.

In Germany they (5x DVD-RAM) are widely spread, we are lucky ones.

BTW, nice signature. :wink: