ND-4551 Release

Anyone know when this model ND-4551 will be relesaed in the USA? This model will feature labeling tech and curious to compare with HP lightscribe drives for quality and clarity (not to mention DVD±R burn speeds)

I’m also waiting untill this drive is released in Europe. No date yet :frowning:

The LabelFlash discs also weren’t announced yet… not even from MCC/Verbatim which are usually the first… or did I miss something? =)

BTW: Is Nec 4550 already available in US?

I’ve just been informed that the DVD burning software writers have received their 4550 and 4551 drives to test. But they also have no LabelFlash media :doh:

Not for the public. NEC USA has some samples and so do some of the rebadgers.

In europe nec 4550 is widely available @ 49 euros. I should have one to test on next wednesday

been available for 2 weeks+, there is a thread about it with media tests in this section

Any word on the 4551?

Nope, but I have sent an inquiry.


Where and how You get this?
Nice burn anyway. At least now we know that the drive will be available soon :slight_smile:

The KProbe scan of this disc wasn’t that good, but that’s probably caused by the used media.


Are those scans made with an actual 4551 drive or with a 4550 drive flashed with the 4551 firmware?

Hello Folks,

Expanding on Forum Members ScorpioSoft comment concerning the NEC ND-4501 and cross flashing.

Is it actually possible of cross flashing a ND-4500 to ND-4501? If so would this cross flashing “activate” the Label Flash capabilities of the drive.

I know that some time back it was possible to cross flash a ND-2500 to a ND-2510. That is why I was inquiring if it will be possible of cross flash a ND-4500 to a ND-4501 and have Label Flash capabilities.

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Have a look at this thread. Go to post 185 and read from there. You will se that is is possible to cross-flash but with some major errors/faults :frowning:

Labelflash media is not out yet so cann’t be tested on any drive…

MCC003 (Verbatim India)
Burn Speed 8x

How come Dee seems to have been able to cross flash (and burn) and Scorpio can’t?

Come on Dee spill the beans. :wink:

I found the 4550 on Ecrater, with free shipping to the US mainland, or so they say. I am not familiar with Ecrater so can not comment on thier reliability, however I am leary of over seas shipping. Might be worth it if you absolutely have to have dvd-ram capabilities. That seems to be it’s biggest draw over the 3540. The preliminary reviews though seem to indicate that the 4550 may have faster read capabilities on DVD-Video, I’m curious to see how the full review will turn out, otherwise I don’t see a large difference between the two drives.

It looks like it’s a big ‘secret’ because Dee will not answer the question about using a real 4551 or using a cross-flashed 4550 drive with some newer 4550@4551 firmware. We’ll wait and see :flower:

Mitsubishi/Verbatim have NO plans at the time being to make any LabelFlash capable media. (One reason for this is that they support the LightScribe format).

AFAIK, a Japan based media company will soon announce one of the first LabelFlash capable media. :wink: