ND-4551 reading pb on XP SP2

I’m installing a new PC with a NEC ND-4551A.
I made the install using it as a CD reader and everything worked well.
When I try to boot with a CD everything is OK.

But under Windows, I am unable to read any CD or DVD !!!

I got the “busy cursor” the drive make the usual “noise” the green light is on and nothing happens. All other windows tasks seems to be suspended and the only way I have to stop this is to eject the CD/DVD.

I changed the IDE connector from 0 to 1 : same pb
I changed the jumper from CS to Master : same pb

I flashed the frimware to 1.07 (I think it was already in 1.07).

Any idea ?

PS : the windows CD driver date is 07/01/2001 !!! too old ? if yes were to find a better driver ?

Thank you in advance

Uninstall the IDE cahnnels and drive entries using Devicemanager, then reboot.

Also follow the HOW TO … link in my sig, that could help.

Thank’s a lot ! You put me on the way !!!
The IDE Channel Transfer mode was set to Ultra DMA2 - Ultra 33
I set it to PIO Mode and it works !

As I am not a pro of this, could you tell me if “PIO Mode” is the best setting ?
I have the choices : Ultra DMA 1 or 0, Multi-word DMA 2 or 1 or 0.

It should be running in “Ultra DMA mode 2”.

Maybe you should also check the BIOS IDE/DMA settings.