ND-4550A serious breakdown

Please experts help me. My nec is giving me a lot of trubles. It writes cds good enough but not dvds. I have it for a half of year or so and it worked good. Now when i try to burn a dvd nero is showing nothing wrong and it burns it but when the operation is complete (nero reports: operation succesfuly completed). But when i reinsert the disc there is nothing. Sometimes explorer reports that dvd is empty (not true u can see a burning mark on the dvd). other time it reports illegal function or something like that. I tryed flashing it with up-to-date firmware also modified firmware i tryed different burning software and it is the same. Dont tell me to try other dvd types coz the dvd writer work good whit all types. This is a problem that i cant solve, please help :eek:

Burn with verify and so you will be able to see if the drive can read the media after burning or not…
If it does, the issue most likely comes from drivers…

My system first:
WinXP SP2 (no further updates),
Nero v6.6.0.18,
Drive NEC ND-4550A (latest firmw v1.08) -only about 30 burned discs,

Until now I’ve used Verbatim DVD+R media for archieving purposes (data, photos, etc.) -without any problems. Recently I’ve visited NEC’s site where they recommend using Verbatim DVD-R media for their drives. So I’ve tried it -hoping for the best possible long-last archieving.

I burned simple avi file onto DVD-R using the same settings as when using DVD+R media (verify checked of course, finalized, etc.). Nero was saying that burning was successfull. Now I closed Nero and opened WinExplorer -just to see if file is really there. It was: I could read/open avi file as expected.
After that I’ve ejected disc from drive and loaded it again. Now, WinExplorer doesn’t open the disc anymore -I get the same message as disc were empty (not burned yet).
Then I put the disc in standalone DVD player -everything runs fine. I’ve also loaded disc into another PC (same OS config, but NEC ND-4571 installed) -where disc is perfectly readable.
I have also burned DVD-R on this second PC (where even older Nero version was used, but the same settings) and disc won’t read on my PC.

1_My PC can read burned DVD-R (data) media after burning -until it is ejected.
2_My PC can’t read burned DVD-R (data) media -no matter where disc was burned.
3_Disc I burn on my PC is readable on other PCs and standalones -but not on my PC.

Thanks for any help

Driver issue.
Uninstall the ide channels using devicemanager, then restart.

What other burnprograms are installed?

I assume it’s driver issue too… in meantime I’ve uninstalled Nero (only burn software I have) and installed newer/latest MoBo chipset drivers. WinXP still doesn’t recognize allready burned DVD-R. After that I installed latest Nero v and problem persist. Now I’m out of ideas…
chef you said: uninstall ide channels… what exactly do you mean by that? Removing manufacturers chipset drivers (Gigabyte nForce4) an leaving just default WinXP ide drivers? -haven’t tried that option yet…

Thanks for tryin’ to help.