Nd 4550a DVD-R

I am having problems reading DVD-R disks back.

I am currently using the Original NEC ND4550A firmware 1.08 flashed with necflash_wingui (GUI version v1.31).

The disks in question are Imjet DVD-R.

This is what nero infotool shows me.

The date which it was burned and the disk title are correct.

I am able to burn the disks with no error messages, yet when I go to read back the data the disk appears to be empty.

When I insert the disk, windows autorun prompts me to ‘open writable cd folder’ as if the disk is blank.

The disk that I really need to access was actually written on a friends BenQ, and that drive can play it back flawlessly - Although that drive did previously have the same problem which has been resolved by updating the firmware.

I have followed the troubleshooter to no avail.

Is there anything I can do to be able to read back these disks on my ND 4550A?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Bump por favor :frowning:

Nobody has any ideas at all?

Probably a marginal quality burn (Imjet TYG02??? :confused: - probably fake Taiyo Yuden but I can’t be sure of this - check in the blank media forum, there is a thread dedicated to brands that are fake TY) that the Benq can still read because it burned it.

Only way to know: ask your friend to perform a “disc quality” test (here we call this a “scan”) of this disc with Nero CD/DVD Speed, in his BEnq drive, selecting 8X or 12X as the scanning speed. Then post the result here (see my sig for posting graphs).

The 4550 is not a premium DVD reader (though it’s very fast) so discs burned with low quality can give this kind of trouble… :frowning:

Thanks for your reply Francksoy :slight_smile:
I did begin to think they might be fakes after realising that Taiyo Yuden where supposedly good disks. He bought like 600 of em for £30, so I would be supprised if they where real for that price.

My Nec 4550 appears to be able to burn them, I can see files on the disk until it is ejected. Once the tray has been opened though If I put the disk back in it appears to be empty.

Once again, thanks for the response. I’ll go check the media forum.

Forgot to welcome you to the forum :slight_smile:

When you learn more about DVDRs, you’ll find that most of these problems are because of poor media. Not all problems, but most. So the best thing to do, first, is to rule out this possibility.

People using good media (Verbatim/MCC, genuine TY…), even in so-so burners, experience very few problems that are not due to user error.

Good luck :slight_smile:

To Francksoy
Well, I agree only partially. IMO if media is bad (in general), then write process wouldn’t be successfull. So if I set Veryfiy checkmark on, then I expect, that media will be readable at least couple of minutes after burning. But as OP writes, this is not the case. See also my post some days ago:

Greetings to all

In my experience. These fake TY media will burn (all be it at a slower rate). The resulting disc is seldom readable though, at least not fully readable.
It certainly looks like the media is the problem in this case.

“Bad” is a different thing than “poor”. :wink: - “bad” media often won’t burn properly, agreed. But many poor blanks out there just [I]seem[/I] to burn properly, and even if it passes a “verify”, it doesn’t mean it will be read in a different drive than the one it’s been burnt in. And in some cases, not even in this drive. :frowning:

I personally don’t trust much the “verifying” option in Nero. I prefer to perform a transfer rate test with CDSpeed to check if the disc is fully and easily readable. Discs that are really poor will either fail the test or show slowdowns in the reading curve.

I won’t get into the technical details as why discs can pass a “verify” and fail a transfer rate test, but there [I]are[/I] reasons why, that have to do with the reading method/speeds used in both cases. (as a sidenote, the data on a disc that passed a “verify” can probably still be retrieved even if the TRT failed, by drastically lowering the max. speed of the drive with CDSpeed or with another similar utility software).

But whatever, instead of trying to get crap working, it’s much simpler and safer to use good discs. :wink: In my experience, the 4550 likes very much +R/-R 8X TY, +R/-R 8X/16X MCC, +R 8X CMCMAG E01 (HP…), +R MBIPG101 R04 (Imation, TDK).

IMO that’s (again) very general advice, because it doesn’t solve nothing. I hope nobody mind if I write my post again:

So, it could be assumed, it’s burner’s fault. But:
1_How can burned disc be readable until ejected?
2_Original poster has exact the same issue (and I saw many similar posts around).

Any ideas are welcome… thank you.

I have got exactly the same problem as mentioned in hbx2006’s article with my 4570.
I’m getting very bad depression of that. :doh:

I have another question regarding this issue. Maybe stupid, but…
Is it possible, that this troubles (not reading DVD-R) couses the fact, because DVD drive has some region set?
My drive (ND-4550A) has region set to 2 -I don’t know since when (probably was set automatically when I put first DVD in). Again, my drive doesn’t read DVD-R.
Another PC has new ND-4571 built in. There stay region isn’t defined yet (maybe because nobody has put a DVD into it yet). This drive reads DVD-R media.


never had any problems with region, maybe your problem has more todo with bad media or a problematic drive, does +r media work fine? did you try burning another brand of -r?

Well, appreciate your effort but… did you read entire thread at all?

Not very carefully :frowning:

I have exactly the same problem with DVD-R media. It can be read fine by other PC’s (3 others), but in the 4570 it is just not recognised as having a disc inserted (even Nero can see the date…etc correctly).

Not sure if its relevant, but i cant get ASPI to install correctly. Ive tried multiple version and its a fresh windows install, but no luck.

I have the very same problem. DVDs with data are seen as empty. They work in other pc/dvds.

I haven’t found a solution for it…

Me too, my ND4550 v1.08 encounters problems reading files on many DVDR. I think that some of NEC’s drive have POTs maladjusted, because I finally discovered that it has problem reading any DVDR written at =>8x on any other writer or on its own.

The solution is to burn DVD at 4x or 6x.

Hope this helps most of u.