ND-4550A bitsetting

Hi guys
I have flashed my burner ( nec nd-4550a ) with 1.X6 frw using Binflash 1.24, but i can’t change booktype of dvd-r to dvd-rom. Am I unable to do it ??? :o How can i set booktype of dvd-r to dvd-rom ?? :bow:

You can’t. Only + media can have their booktype changed.

Thanks so much.I know that Nec ND-3540 burner is able to do it, that’s right ??

No, Bitsetting only exists for +R/+RW/+R DL media.

But I just came across this presentation. It looks like they are still investigating the possibility of adding bitsetting to DVD-R. As far as I know, Mt Fuji is from the -R section.

From the presentation:

Risk of collision between vendor specific commands (same cdb operation code, but different command effect)

Risk? This is already a fact. Send a BenQ bitsetting command to a Pioneer drive with a DVD- disc inserted, and the next you’ll do is using your reset button…

Do you know that the BenQ command does on the Pioneer drive?

Nope. I only know that it crashes the firmware :a

True, that’s a big mystery. I’ve never understood why BenQ included -R Bitsetting and burning -R media at 2.4x in their firmware… :-?


Sorry, I precisely meant not the “crash” but the other things I mentioned. :wink:
Kind of affiliated to the general theme, I think.

BenQ doesn’t do bitsetting on DVD-. You must confuse that with BTC

I’m sure one of their earlier drives did that. But maybe I’m wrong, it’s a while ago when I read about that. :wink:

off topic :flower:

Don’t know about 4550, but checking old posts of 3500’s some members “managed” to change booktype DVD+R–>DVD-R:confused:

Was this only imagination or just another bug?

Looks like you’re mixing up setting the booktype of a DVD-R to anything else than DVD-R and setting the booktype for DVD+R to DVD-R.
While the first one is not supported, the second one is - although it doesn’t really make sense. :disagree: