ND-4550 on Win 2K prof

My first time here so Hello all.

I have installed the ND-4550 succesfully on Windows 2000 and am using Nero OEM version 6 and all is well, but I would like to use the DVD RAM function. I have the recommended Panasonic discs.

I have read the posts regarding this with windows XP but 2000 does not have automatic support so I think the problem may be different. I understand that I need a driver and have Emailed NEC but the answer was as follows:-

Unlike DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD-RW, you do not need special DVD burning software to write or read DVD-RAMs on a computer. DVD-RAMs can be accessed like a usual floppy disk or hard drive.
No DVD burning software required in computers - discs can be used and accessed like a removable hard disk; MS Windows requires a special DVDRAM driver or InCD program, although Windows XP can write to FAT32 formatted discs directly.

OK, so I need a DVD RAM driver but where do I get one that will be compatible with this wrtiter? I have spent some hours trying to find one and tried a few with no luck. As I am completely new to DVD RAM I don’t really know what to expect but reading between the lines of some of the articles I beleive that the drive should appear in “My Computer” as a separate removeable drive icon and that it should be possible to drag and drop items into it. Presumeably there should also be a facility for formatting discs.

I would really like to hear from anyone who has managed to use DVD RAMs on this drive in Win 2K, or anyone who knows how to.

Hope I have explained properly, help would truly be appreciated.


Explained here: http://www.de.nec.de/faq_detail.php/id/1349/frage/656/lang/ENG

So according to that link my only hope is to use Nero InCD.




Just use a proper burning app.

Yes that’s fine but what do you recommend as a proper burning app.
Remember I know nothing about this kind of thing.
Also, I am only interested in the DVD RAM aspect.


I personally use Nero for my data compilations, for others and DL I use DVDDecrypter and ImgBurn mostly.

Which one of those do you use for DVD RAM discs?

Normally Nero. InCD is Nero’s Packet-Writing Software which I don’t use at all because Pw Software is known for trouble. :Z

Does Nero allow you to write to the DVD RAM simply by dragging and dropping as you would on to a floppy disc?


I downloaded InCD and it seems to do exactly what I wanted so problem solved.
Thanks for help.


Not really, what you are explaining is Packet-Writing Software and Nero’s is InCD.

But I don’t use such software…