ND-4550 and Panasonic RAM driver

Is anyone using this drive with the Panasonic driver? I can’t get it to recognize the NEC here, using a hacked version of the driver that is supposed to see any drive, and does see my LG drive. BTW, am using Mad Dog FW at present.

Looking in the .ini file for the driver, the NEC drives are listed in the device list, but Mad Dog drives are not. So maybe my question should be: is anyone using the Panny driver with a MadDog firmware?

I answered my own question. After flashing to NEC firmware, the Panasonic driver picked up at reboot and automatically installed the drive for RAM writing. As I type, both the LG and “NEC” are simultaneously writing large files to RAM.


Looking at the install .inf file for the Panasonic driver, there’s a good half dozen different lists of devices. I’m far too stupid to figure out how to add MadDog to the lists, but I’m sure it could be done.

Anyway, the 4550/4551 and 7550/7551 are in the lists, but nothing after that for NEC. So this driver should work fine with those drives.

Thanks for the info, rdgrimes. Do you have a link to that hacked driver or is it illegal to share that?



Panasonic hacked drivers:



Both are version, and are self-extracting archives. Just unpack to the directory of your choosing, then hit setup.exe. The driver will install a “removable drive” and includes help docs and a “write-Protect” tool.

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Thanks much, rdgrimes (Speedipus Maximus, meep-meep)! :flower:

What benefit do you get from using this driver instead of the driver included in Windows XP?

UDF 1.5 or 2.0 vs FAT formats. FAT is slower and incompatable with large files, also has very slightly higher overhead. FAT cannot be read in a movie player either, only UDF 2.0.

Just a comment for whoever may be interested. The Panasonic driver is available from other sources. I bought a Toshiba laptop a couple of months ago which came with a DVD-CD/rw combo drive. Turns out that the combo drive is read-only DVD-RAM capable. On the system restore disk is a DVD-RAM utility which is the same MEI_ODSD driver set as the hacked one mentioned in this thread (newer version actually). My impression is that it is included primarily because Toshiba sells a multi-format capable drive as an option. I bought a Mad Dog (NEC) Triple Format External drive hooked it up, installed the driver and can format UDF 1.5 and 2.0 using the utility. Of course it also enable UDF read on my combo drive. All drivers on the restore disk are also freely available from the Toshiba support site. Just surf over, click through the pages to a laptop model which has DVD-RAM available standard or as option. To save you some trouble look under Satellite L25-S119. The following is the ridiculously long link I use:


Give it a try and see if it works for you if you care to! YMMV of course…

That Toshiba driver is version, which is a tad older than the we have posted here. Also a really huge download. But it’s good to know another place to find it.

None of the links are current. Is it possible to post a workable link?


rapidshare link

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If you go to bhacorp website you can download an updater for the ram driver

After installing the driver on win2000 i cant burn “cd-rw” anymore.
is it a known problem ?!?!
All other formats works properly.

Used a proper burning app???

Of Course.
Nero 6 (with newest update)…

kalinga78: Let me guess, you are experiencing power calibration errors.
This has also happened to me using a TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L632B. Uninstalling the driver fixed the problem, but now I can only use FAT32 discs again.

Uninstalling the driver fixes the problem.
But then i cant use dvd ram (remember, i use win2000).