ND-4550 1.07 vs Mad Dog 1F1

I don’t have a tool that’ll dump these, does someone know if these are substantially the same FW? From what I’ve read, they are except the Mad Dog supports bitsetting.

edit: also, what’s up with 1.06 vs 1.06b?

If you have a look at this page of NEC 455x firmwares, you can see that the write strategy versions for Mad Dog 1.F1 and NEC 1.07 are the same, but that bitsetting support is different.

I don’t know anything about the 1.06b firmware.


According to the same page linked above, there is a difference in DVD-RAM write strategy version between 1.06 and 1.06b firmware.

I guess that CD Freaks management doesn’t allow links to that page anymore.
The level of censorship is quite frankly beginning to annoy me!

Here’s the relevant part I was referring to:

Looks like they block the URL to my firmware page also without telling me :sad:

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It became a moot point, as the Mad Dog drives are not supported in the Panasonic RAM driver. So that’s one big difference between them. The NEC drives are.