Just bought this writer today and am having some problems with it (at least I think I am). I am doing some on-the-fly copies of dvd’s and the NEC will only write them at 4x in clonecd, I have done 4 now, 2 at 6x and 2 at 8x. The media is Ritek G05 dye, I never had any problems with this media in my old burner (Pioneer 107D) and am a bit miffed about this.

I am using the patched firmware (Liggy’s I think) with this drive, any suggestions?

Are you using CloneCD to copy DVD’s ? Can that be done ?

What do you mean by “on the fly”? If this is from another DVD drive, nothing surprising here, the data transfert is probably not high enough on your system and the drive can’t reach 8X writing speed.

Check that your NEC is UDMA2, anyway. And for DVD > DVD “on the fly” copies, better not have both drives on the same IDE channel.

As a sidenote (but this has nothing to do with your problem), G05 discs are not recommended these days. Go to the “blank media” section of this forum and search for “G05”…

Thanks for the replies, I can assure you it has nothing to do with my system transfer rate as it always functioned perfectly on my 107D, I already checked UDMA settings and the IDE was set to DMA.

I can also say that I have solved this problem, I took the NEC back and had it replaced with a pioneer 110D, when I installed it the damn thing blew every disc out with a DMA driver error. I had a look in the box, one of my IDE leads was badly twisted so I straightened it out and put it back in, works perfectly now…doh!!! Never thought to check the IDE leads when I had the NEC in, probably would have sorted that.

I have also always had my DVD-ROM & DVD Writer on the same IDE channel, never had a problem with that setup and I have quite an old pc (about 4 yrold mobo and sdram ghehe), and as for G05 discs, well I have never had any issues with them so that is not an issue for me.

And yes, CloneCD will copy dvd’s but only if they are already copies, it will copy genuine dvd5 or dvd9 but you need AnyDVD running and the appropriate single or dual layer media, it does not compress anything.