DVD +R: 16x max.
DVD-R: 16x max.
DVD +RW: 8x max.
DVD-RW: 6x max.
DVD +R9: 8x max.
DVD-R DL: 6x
CD-R: 48x max.
CD-RW: 32x max.

A local e-shop reports to have it in stock on their website, but the site is not very reliable.

Anybody seen scans of media burned by this drive? other news?

Good call, thanks. No further info yet…

Update 1: Overhere you can download the firmware: http://support.necsam.com/optical/downloads//FlashFirmware/

Update 2:
Version 1.05
CD-R - 1.01
CD-RW - 1.05
DVD-R - 1.02
DVD-RW - 1.08
DVD+R - 1.03
DVD+RW - 1.11
DVD+R9 - 1.01
DVD-R9 - 1.01
DVD-RAM - 1.09

Looks like the same write strategy versions as the 4550 drive.

hmm interesting, it can write dvd-ram? whats the possibility someone mixed up 4550, 3550 firmwares ? hope not :disagree:

It doesn’t necessarily have the ability to write DVD-RAM, but the mediacodes are still there.
With some tricks, flashing 4550 with 3550 firmware will work, but you probably won’t be able to write a disc. Should be similar to flashing 4550 drives with 4551 firmwares which Scorpiosoft already tested - without success.

The 355x drive can READ DVD-RAM but can not write DVD-RAM!!!

In other official PDF documents from NEC they don’t mention the DVD-RAM read option. Now I’m confused :confused:


Just found this list of supported media

But that is a list of media that can be written on I believe. Nothing about reading… so maybe no reading of DVD-RAM afterall :confused:

Best way for finding out is to let somebody with such a drive tell us :flower:

At least neither an “MM Capabilities & Mechanical Status mode page” nor a “Get Configuration” command seem to indicate any DVD-RAM capatilities - in contrast to the 4550 firmware - if the information to detect DVD-RAM that I have is correct and I didn’t overlook something else in the firmware.

i have this burner, i’ve tested it

Burned at 2x on memorex CMC

any impressions???

The PI errors are in the stratosphere. Why don’t you try burning one disc at 8X and then posting the result?

Could you help me adding support for this burner in Binflash? There are 2 small programs that need to be run from the commandline. If you send me a PM with your eMail address, I’ll give you detailled instructions what needs to be done.

any impressions???

The results don’t look that good I’d say…

Is this drive perhaps a rebadged drive instead of a real 3540-type drive?

The 3550 drive is hardware compatible with the 4550. Only some parts of the firmware are different.


I see that your 3550 drive has the 1.04 firmware. On the NEC site the 1.05 can be downloaded. Is it possible (with help from Liggy) that you dump this firmware and send it to Liggy and myself. I also will PM you.

Update: I already found the 1.04 firmware :slight_smile:

i have flashed to 1.05 and the result are:

LOL :bigsmile: - yeah the 3550 scans just like the 4550, which means AWFULLY. :Z (see also http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=153020)

We need to perform Benq/LiteOne scans of 3550/4550 burns to have any idea of how good these burns actually are.

The 3540A was an exception in NEC production. :frowning:

Hello, got my ND3550 yesterday…and tried to test the DVD-R Data reading speed… The attached picture is a scan of the Battflefield 2 DVD, The DVD-Drive is updated to 1.05 Original BIOS

Is there something abnormal about it? Is the ND3540 faster or better?

It’s the way it should be. Everything looks fine to me.

But with what media did the 3550A have scanning issues then? And when a drive is a bad scanner, does this automaticly mean it’s a bad reader?, In terms of speed and realiability?