ND-3550A will not read DVD-Rs

… My NEC ND-3550A will not read DVD-Rs . I try with v1.05, v1.06, v1.Y6 and nothing . Any suggestions ? …

Which brand and MID of DVD-Rs?

BLANK or burned DVD-R?

Did you finalized the burnt DVD after burning?.

I have the same prob with an NEC 3550a. It worked fine until last week, but it’s only ok with anything but dvd-r now. The problem seems to be (for me at least) with Audigy drivers/bloated software crap that they try to make you install. I ruined my laptop’s dvd burner with them last year with the Audigy 2 PC Card (won’t read anything but dvd movies - NOT burned ones - and CDs, burned or original). I didn’t make the connection between the Creative Labs garbage & the burner until now). And now on my main desktop with an Audigy Platinum EX. At least +r still works (so far). Wonderful, first Starforce kills 2 drives, now this. I’m giving up on ever keeping a burner for more than a year. The last one I had that lasted longer was a 2x lite-on that made it from 1992-1995 until I made the jump to 12x…aahhh, those were the days…LOL

Is software like Daemon Tools, Alcohol or YASU installed?

Same problem for me and many other NEC users unfortunately. Only solution I find is use only +R media with the NEC or get another drive.