ND-3550A - Stuck at 2.4X Burn


I am no newbie. I install and replace dozens of optical drives a month with no problem. This 3550A is mine and it is making me scratch my head!

I cannot get it to burn above 2.4X.


Drive: ND-3550A (OEM)
FW: 1.05
S/N: 5ZCJ0475211
MB: Asus A7NX8-X
MB BIOS: 1010
CPU: AMD Athlon XP-3200
OS: WinXP Home (All SP’s)
Applications: Nero Info Tool, Nero, Roxio (ARGHHH!)
All DVD R Functions are fine and all CD R/W functions are fine.

This could be a Nero problem. The Nero Info Tool only shows CD R/W speeds when the drive is unloaded or has a CD inserted. When a DVD is inserted, the Nero Info Tool shows DVD R/W speeds, but the DVD W is 2.4.

There is no specific entry for this drive in the Nero CDROM.CFG file that came with Nero 7.0. The .CFG on the Nero website is older and smaller. I could always edit a new CDROM.CFG.

The reason I tried Roxio was to see if it had the same max Write Speed issues, which it did. Could Roxio be as dumb as Nero???

Anyway… Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. All I burn is Data DVDs on +R format.



Perhaps your media is unknown to the NEC drive.
Which media are you using? (please include MID).

Surely it wouldn’t be a dma-pio problem?

Check if DMA is enabled by using Devicemanager.

Also please use DVD.Identifier and post the mediacode here.

I am sorry it took me so long to respond. I work weekends and after 10-12 hours of staring at a monitor at the office, well… On top of that I did not want to come back with a dumb response.

Thank you, all for your responses! Hopefully I will not have to visit too often with dumb questions.

DrageMester kicked my mind into gear with the question about the MID. Sure enough, “Unknown”. These blanks came from CompUSA and they say 4X on the topside. They burned just fine at 4X in the BenQ drive. In the NEC drive, they are still “Unknown” but only burn at 2.4X. I bought 100 for $20.00 so I am not complaining.

Please note, regardless of speed or burner, I have not made any coasters with these blanks!

Just for fun, I re-shuffled my EIDE devices and had Both the BenQ and the NEC installed. Using the same Nero install, it would burn the same blank at 4X in the BenQ and 2.4X in the NEC.

It gets better! Yesterday, I picked up 50 8X DVD+R’s at Staples for $5.00. That is ten cents each! They are not “Unidentified”. I have burned 3 on the NEC at 8X and 2 on the BenQ at 4X. There were no coasters! Today, I picked up another 150.

My primary concern was whether the NEC was funtional or not. The BenQ is now uninstalled and has been donated to an underpriviledged younster whose 4X CD burner died last week. She also got about 50 of those DVD blanks and about the same number of some similar CD-R blanks that seem to burn just fine.

@johnnydavidson & chef - No that is not the issue. Thank you for your inputs. The device is working at UDMA 2 and the CPU utilization during a burn is close to ZERO, indicating the DMA Controller is doing all the work, not the CPU.

Anyway, thanks again, all of you.

I am not specifically a CD guy, but I do know I/O and devices, so ping on me if you need.