ND-3550a read/copy speed

Just a question about this units read/copy speed. I’ve had the drive for about 3 weeks now, and am happy with it’s performance except for one issue.

When directly copying data from either DVDs or CDs to anywhere on either of my hard drives, the process is painfully slow. (as an example, I copied all the files from a DVD movie that I had made to my hard drive-about 4.12 gigs-and the process took over 22 minutes.) The movie was not copy protected, and no other processes were being run at the time.

When I ripped the DVD files to the hard drive using DVDDecrypter, the process took only about 5 minutes.

This was using the same DVD (that was created with the ND-3550a) for both processes.

This slow copying speed is evident no matter what media I am copying - DVDs, or CDs. And seems not to matter who manufactured the media.

What I can’t understand is why using DVDDecrypter to rip the files, it’s fast, and when just directly copying, it’s slow. Obviously I can’t use DVDDecrypter to rip data from disks, so when copying data (backups of programs, etc.) the process takes much longer than I feel it should.

I also have a LITE-on dvd-rom in my system, and it does not have this problem. (Fast speed either way)

DMA is enabled, and my hard drives (twin 160 gigs-ATA133) are on seperate controllers from the DVD Burner and the DVD-ROM (which are also on seperate controllers).

System Specs-P4 3.0g,1gig pc3200 ram,XP Pro with all updates.

Anyone have any explanation as to why the NEC burner is so slow at simply copying data from the media in it to the hard drive?

And the hdds are defragmented?

Because of the LiteOn works fast, the problem is within the NEC.

Ciould be that the media you have used comes with a protection or was not very well burnt maybe?!

Had the same problem and I updated my FABDECRYPTER to and it fixed the problem! Some encrypted disks need the current version of a software to work properly!

chef - Yes, the HDDs are defragmented, and it is not media oriented. (I’ve used several different brands of both CDs and DVDs - same problem. I’ve even used CDs and DVDs burned by a friend of mine on a BENQ 1640 - same problem.)

etp - I have FABDECRYPTER also. That’s not the problem. When ripping with either DVD DECRYPTER or FABDECRYPTER, speeds are fine - very fast! The problem with slow transfer of CD or DVD contents only occurs when I directly copy the files on the media to my hard drive. (Explore the media - CD or DVD - contents, select all, Copy, and then paste to the desktop or to a new folder.) There is not a problem with HDD space either. Plenty of room.

Just can’t understand why this slowdown occurs. I had a previous DVD burner (Liteon 411s), and this problem did not exist with it.

Thanks for your suggestions tho.

dvdd did my bench dvd(HPSocStn) ~7 gigs in 10 1/2 min with my 3550
ide drivers??? I use MS default! for ide

I’m using MS default IDE drivers also. Copying files from DVD Data disc (4.2 gigs) to HDD took approx. 22 minutes. (Media was Verbatim 16x +R)

Copying DVD Movie files from a different brand of media (Taiyo Yuden 16x +R) to HDD took 23 minutes.

Ripping Movie (That I had burnt on Taiyo Yuden 16x +R) from DVD to HDD using DVD Decrypter (4.35 gigs) took approx. 6 minutes.


something in windows is very hosed?

Check your BIOS settings and update your BIOS! Try making the burner master!

Check your cables and jumpers one more time.

Check your DMA settings one more time!
Set copy speed to 8X for DVDs!

Hmmm…I’ve been building computers for myself for about 20 years now, and have never run into a problem like this. I’ve checked the bios settings (It’s the latest, by the way), and all are o.k. Cables and jumpers are o.k. - even swapped cables with the dvd-rom, and no change in status. As I said before, DMA is enabled on both drives. Oh, yes, both the burner and the dvd-rom are masters on their own controllers.

I tend to believe the statement that “something in windows is very hosed?”!

Believe I will reinstall and see if the problem persists. Will take me a couple of days, but I will report back here and let you know.

Thanks for all your efforts!

Maybe installing another “copy” of your OS as second OS installation and testing using that would be easier. :wink:

I just wonder what chipset the motherboard has?
Some of the intel drivers are as buggy as the NForce ones!
I stuck with via all these years and now it’s finally paid off!
they just had to go home with Bill one night!

Good idea chef. I’ll do that. (Install a “Second” OS Installation. No problem even if I don’t though, As I use Ghost to image my operating system once a week or so. I can put the image back in and have it just like it was in about 10 minutes or so.

As far as the mobo and chipset are concerned, here’s the details:
Mobo-Asus P4P800 Deluxe
CPU-Intel Pentium 4, 3000 MHz (15 x 200) Northwood HyperThreading
Memory-2x512mbyte PC3200 running at 2-2-2-5

And, no, it’s not overclocked.