ND-3550A Problem - Choppy Music in Slave Position Only

I just received an NEC ND-3550A DVD burner and installed it into my week-old Dell Dimension E510 running Windows XP Home. My computer already had a Phillips DVD burner so I installed the NEC in the slave position leaving the existing drive in master. After installing the drive I tried playing a music CD in it and the music playback was choppy and it played a little slower than it should have. I witnessed this in both Windows Media Player and iTunes and for both MP3 CDs and regular audio CDs. CDs played just fine in my other drive and off my hard drive. I feel like I’ve tried about everything to solve the problem with no success including:

-changing the jumper settings to slave/master and cable select
-making sure DMA is enabled
-flashing a firmware update to the new drive
-checking for driver updates for the new drive
-disabling digital music on the drive
-uninstalling the IDE drivers from my computer and restarting
-checking the wire connections in the back of the drive to make sure they are secure
-checking for Dell system BIOS updates

But here’s where it gets interesting…when I plugged my Phillips drive into the slave position and my NEC drive into the master position, the NEC worked fine and the Phillips gave choppy playback. So at least I know my new drive isn’t broken. Is there any way to fix this problem without a complete reformat?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Could be a faulty IDE cable as it’s always the same connection.

You said “disabling digital music on the drive”. This you don’t want to do as this is the way to get the sound out of the drive as you don’t need the audio cable(s) connecting the drive to the MB or sound card.

Dells like cable select, try that , if that doesn’t work then try the new cable, there cheap.