ND 3550A power/IDE issues

I just built a new system,plugged everything in, and the DVD burner only receives power when the IDE cable is not plugged into the drive itself. The power is fine if its unplugged, but dies when the IDE is plugged into the back. NEEEED HELLLP!! i saw another post but no answer on another forum for this issue. THX

Check if the PSU is powerful enough.

the power supply is 300w and runs all the other components. now when it boots up it says "secondary master drive-ATAPI incompatible…what does that mean?


Then your PSU is too weak, IMHO.

the power goes to the dvd device, it just shuts off when the IDE cable is attached…so that would make the power supply weak?

Then replace the IDE cable maybe.

I am no wizard, I just can guess from what you have posted.

i replaced the ide with another cable from a working machine…i only have 2 fans, a HD and a dvd drive being powered by the 300watt power supply…i am stumped!! anything else you can think of?? the drive itself werks, cuz i put it on another computer and it worked fine…


Try disconnectin the power to some other device(s) in the computer that you can live without temporarily. If it still doesn’t work, then I’d guess the PS is not the problem. Other than that, I have no ideas unless the BIOS is trying to use an access mode (Ultra DMA, etc) that is not supported by the drive or the ribbon cable.

yea i tried that. im guessing the IDE slots are just bunk…im gunna try and put an IDE harddrive goin to it, see if it werks.