ND-3550A playback problems (skipping, sound scratch)



I just bought a 3550A, installed it. It has latest official firmware (1.05). When i play dvds, it seems like the image is playing at around 10 fps, or depending on the dvd player, sometimes just skips. Also, when using PowerDVD, the sound is bad, it scratches. I dont get any of these problems with my normal dvd reader.

Any help would be appreciated.
If you need any additional info, just let me know.


Have you enabled DMA for the new drive?


Hi there,

Did you burn real fast on real cheap media ?

Provide us a full burn log if you don’t know that’s the MEDIA ID of you dvds.
What speed are you burning at ?

Is this the issue ?


The NEC burners still have a hard time reading problematic/cheap media …


Its not a burned dvd, its a dvd movie. I guess il RMA it, and yes DMA is enabled.


Yup, some pressed ones can be either buggy authored or badly pressed. Replace it.

PS: Shouldn’t your nick be “Ãœbertoast” then? I have no idea what it means anyway.


haha, yea should be, just that not everywhere accept german letters, and i use it for everything, email too, and i just dont imagine people typing Ãœ hehe. The meaning… very long story, so i wont explain.

And yea, il return the dvd player and see how this works.
Also, i have read lots about the 3550 being a real good dvd burner. What do you guys think, and would you recommend something else?
Thanks for the help.


Ooops, please try to uninstall the IDE channels using Devicemanager first, then restart and check that DMA is enabled for all drives.

I have a 4551 (honestly same hardware), but I think the 3550 should get a better firmware support from NEC…


hmm, I have no idea why i have not tried that b4… lol. It worked, thanks man.