ND-3550A Official Firmware. Where?

Okay… I finally got to install the DVD Burner I got at Christmas. But when I try to burn with it to a Verbatim DVD-R empty disc, I get a problem.
Here is first the settings to burn and then the error message:

Error Message

I checked Firmware and it said:

Firmware check

Then I searched for topics about this problem and I found several, though was really hard to find NEC’s homepage. And when on it, the 3550A wasn’t listed!
I’m really confused and have spent hours on Google, this forum and all, to find out my problem.

My DVD burner is all new, I’m trying to burn a DVD with 300 mbs to spare so it isn’t remotely full and it gives me that message.
I don’t dare getting unofficial firmware and ruin the drive already, before even knowing if it was needed and all. That is why I’m searching for the official ones first.

Please, help. I beg you. Why does hardware and software always have to be so troublesome to get working? Really ruins the excitement :frowning:

Welcome to the forum

if you look at your own image ( “settings”)picture you can see it on CD-R/rw mode if you coult chance it there in DVD and the problem is away

simple you are trying to burn a cdr-image on a dvd and that won’t work

Ah, that worked :slight_smile: Thank you. Didn’t notice that.
Now I’m burning, though it seems to have stopped at 52% and haven’t moved in 10 minutes. It didn’t fail or crash, it just keeps looking like it is burning, though the only thing happening is the time going up second by second.

Should it take more than 20 minutes for 4.5gb at maximum speed to be burned? :slight_smile:
Will wait and let it stand for another 15-30 minutes, to be sure.

After two hours, I stopped it. Still at 52%. Any know what that can be caused by?

Burn at a slower speed.


instaled ?

What is that? I installed Nero and nothing more. Didn’t know I should that, should I? :slight_smile:

Nero has it’s own ASPI driver.

Is DMA enabled for your drive?

I looked in my Nero Settings and I couldn’t find anything about DMA. I really don’t know what it is :open_mouth:

Tried burning another DVD after my problems, and that one worked fine. Was at lowerst burn speed possible.
I’ve in total burned around 6-8 DVDs now. And 2 of them didn’t work. Is that normal?

It burned done and seemed to be fine, but when I wanted to read it it said something about maybe not working on my drive or OS? Though I burned it exactly like the others that worked, so might just be that it was disfunctional.
Doubt it would work elsewhere…

Enable DMA: