ND-3550A Drive Spindown/Sleep issue on Mac OS X?

Just wondering whether anyone has any familiarity with the issues that seem to arise on certain macs with certain burners were the drive can go to sleep and fail to wake up the next time usage of the drive is requested. I have just noticed this behavior with the 3550A that I just purchased and was about to RMA it, but then noted that the drive compatibility database they’ve got has more than a few entries noting this happening with other drives (here , just search around for NEC burners, and you’ll find some remarks. The solutions noted by others are to simply turn off all drive spindown. To me this sounds a bit like overkill since that will prevent one’s hard drives from spinning down as well leading to longer term wear and tear on other drives. I was wondering if anyone knows of a better hardware or software solution to this issue. For the moment I’m using the last recommendation noted here , but it seems a bit inelegant in the long term.

Anyone have any hints or tips on this matter, I’m not seeing too many others with Macs and this particular issue here, but I thought I’d throw out a line anyways Liggy & Dee hang out here and it seems to be a pretty active group of NEC drive users.

EDIT: The othe thing that I didn’t originally mention is that I’ve tried revisions 1.05 & 1.06 of the NEC firmware as well as the latest of Liggy & Dee’s firmwares. Same deal all around. Also I’ve got a Dual G5 2.0 GHz if that might make any difference.

I’ve read that those issues were done by the OS itself, and updates fixed that.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re right except that it’s not an issue that I know has been resolved in the OS as of yet. Its like either the OS doesn’t know the proper wakeup code for the drive or perhaps there’s a bug in the IDE chipset on these machines. It sounds as if this takes place on other Macs though, and I’m not expecting a fix from Apple any time soon given that they don’t officially support using non apple approved drives :slight_smile:

I think what I may do is write a script that polls the status of the drive and sets the spindown to zero only when there’s a disc inserted.