ND-3550A doesnt recognize dvd+rDL media

I just purchased a NEC nd-3550a drive from Newegg and some Verbam DVD+R DL disks. When I insert a disk the drive spins, the light comes on a few times, then it stops. Nero 7 says there is no disk in the drive, and every program I have tried - Ulead moviemaker, Videostudio 9 - sees the drive but not the disk. The drive recognizes every other disk type I have tried just not the DL disks. The firmware is v1.05, I even reflashed it with this version from NEC’s site, but no change. I need to know if this is a defective drive in which case I will RMA it to Newegg, or if this could be a problem with my system. I searched the forum and checked my DMA, the drive is jumpered to master on the secondary IDE channel by itself. Any help here would really be appreciated.

Make sure you have the latest firmware for the NEC. Download DVD Identifier and run it with the DL disc in NEC to see if DVD Identifier will recognize the blank disc. Also use ImgBurn to burn in double layer discs as Nero has problems with the layer break in DLs.

Is this media 2.4x or 6x/8x rated?

Tried DVD Identifier. It also says there is no disk in the drive. The media is 6x rated. I tried it in my daughters computer which has this same drive and the drive recognized it. Thanks for the help, but I think I have a bad drive here.

Thanks for the help, but I think I have a bad drive here.

I don’t think so.
This media is kinda new, so a new firmware to support it is necessary.

Okay, tried a couple of other things. Replaced the data cable - no change. Booted up in Safe Mode and ran DVD identifier and it read the disk. Looks like the drive must be okay, but something wrong in my system configuration. I have no idea where to start with that.

Well I think I have it figured out. I did a repair install of Windows XP and the system was recognizing the DL media. I started installing the Windows updates one at a time until the system failed to recognize the media. This happened with update KB887742 which deals with anti-virus software. I restored the system to before that update and the system still wouldn’t recognize the media until I turned off my Freedom anti-virus. Before, even when the system saw the media it took a minute and a half to do so. With the anti-virus off it takes about thirty seconds. I guess I have to turn it off whenever I want to use DL disks.

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