ND-3550A Computer slows down

Hi folks,

I just have ND-3550A. I had a DVD-ROM and its jumper was MASTER. Since I am replacing my DVD-ROM, I set ND-3550A jumper MASTER. I also have a CD-writer and it is on the same ribbon cable with ND-3550A. When I look at, ND-3550A shows secondary master.

I start up the computer and it was extremely slow. I took almost more than 5 minutes to see desktop. And computer was acting funy. However, I can see ND-3550A on the hardware list.

After I read this forum and I have tried all other jumper settings but computer is the same slow.


Thank you very much.


I would try a new ribbon cable.

I did replace the ribbon but nothing changed. Problem continues. Let me givre you more info maybe helpful.

Computer is AMD and XP Professional.

I can see drive on Device Manager. Bot opening properties of drive takes time. I try to open My computer but window came emty!!

At the startup it shows:
Primary Master : HD
Primary Slave: emty
Secondary Master: ND-3550A
Secondary Slave: CD-R drive.

Drive location: Location 0(0)

Secondary IDE
Device O
Device type: Auto detection (in gray cannot be changed)
Transfer mode: DMA if available
Current Transfer Mode: Ultra DMA Mode2

I dont know what else info I need to give you??

I had the exact same problem… The cause??? Faulty Drive. I returned the drive to newegg and got a replacement, no more problems.

Unplug your ND-3550a and then boot your computer, see if it returns to normal. If it does, replace the drive.

I would first test the drive as stand alone without your cdrw connected to see what happens … it seems to me that my 4550 and possibly also 3550 have some hardware conflict problems not working properly with some other devices…

similar " maybe " here

As silly as it may sound you should also try putting both drives in CS mode (Cable Select), and see if it can’t sort itself out.

Now I have not had any trouble with my 3550 however I cannot count the number of times of dealing with hardware conflicts because of a setup that should not be a problem – only to find out that either switching the device from master to slave or even cable select manages to fix it. Sad part is that this has been an on-going problem that dates back, so try swapping it around before shipping it back.

I wouldn’t hurt to try another channel or even another computer. As long as it reacts the same to every correct configuration (different device settings, channel, and even computer) managed to react the same, than it is obviously the drive and it’s time to return it. :slight_smile:

Believe it or not what happened:
I tried everthing including firmware update nothing work. Accidently, I discovered that at beginning of the start up or slow system work IF I OPEN THE TRAY OF MY ND-3550A everything works perfect.

How and Why, How I am going to fix it I dont know