ND-3550A burns CD-Rs at 32x not 48x

I got this drive to replace my Lite-On 811s and I notice it won’t let me burn any CD-R faster than 32x and Nero Info Tool reports max CD-R speed at 32x also. The drive is advertised as a 48x burner. So why won’t it write at that speed?

I’ve tried Taiyo Yuden 48x CD-Rs as well as Ritek 52x CD-Rs and they can only be burnt at 32x. Nero or Alcohol 120 won’t show options above 32x for burning.

This happens with the 1.04 factory firmware as well as Liggy’s 1.05bt_rpc1 firmware.

The NEC 3550, like the NEC 3500, probably only burns a few CD-R types at 48x.

On my NEC 3500 that includes Verbatim DataLifePlus 52x Crystal + Super Azo (MCC type 3), Fujifilm 48x (Ritek type 7), Imation 52x (Moser Baer India type 6) and Verbatim 52x Extra Protection Surface (Moser Baer India type 6).

My guess is that those CD-R media would also burn at 48x on the NEC 3550.

Do you know of a list of media confirmed to burn at 48x in the 3550A? It seems quite unusual that it won’t burn known high quality media like Taiyo Yuden at the full rate.

You can find a short list of recommended media for the NEC 3500, 3520 and 3540 (not 3550) at this site, but the only 48x capable media listed is Verbatim 48x, so it’s not really any help at all.

Personally I couldn’t care less if my NEC 3500 burned all CD-R media at 32x instead of 48x, because the time difference is about 1 minute and I don’t burn that many CDs. And I deliberately configured my Plextor drive to never burn faster than 32x instead of 48x in order to potentially improve the burn quality.

But that’s just me. :cool:

Nope, count me in :bigsmile: - I still burn everything @32X max, even TY :bigsmile:

Now about the 3550, maybe this will change with upcoming firmware… who knows.