ND-3550A burning at max 4X instead of 16X



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Am new to the forum and was hoping to get some input on the issue I am facing. There is not a whole lot of info available on this drive as yet, I guess. I recently bought the NEC ND-3550A and connected it to my laptop (Acer Travelmate series, Intel Centrino 1.5GHz, 512MB, 40GB) using the USB2.0 IDE adapter from Cables to Go. I am using Verbatim 1-16X DVD-R discs and DVD Decrypter( with Write Speed set to MAX) as the burning software. The first time I hooked up this drive to my laptop for burning, the buffer levels jumped around quite erratically for a few moments before the burning speed settled to 4X with buffer levels being maintianed constant at more than 95%. Since then it always consistently burns at 4X (no buffer levels jumping around). I have the DMA enabled on the IDE channels. Could anyone tell me where the bottleneck is. Why doesnt it burn at higher speeds. DVD decrypter does recognize that the media is capable of 16X. IS it the IDE to USB interface? or is it something else?



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In my opinion the bottleneck is in the connection IDE/usb2. To verify this you can do a simple test. Open cd-dvd speed and insert a disc on the drive (NOT a blank one). Then select menu Run test --> Burst Rate and post results.


I did run the speed test and it doesnt seem like the interface is a bottleneck. If I understand correctly, I think I should be able to get to atleast 14X or so.


Yes, this speed is too low. :frowning:


I finally figured the reason for the slow burn. It has to do with the jumper settings. Initially the drive was configured as a slave and it would not cross 4X but when I configured it as the MASTER, it burns all the way up till 14X or so at which point my buffer starts to cave in because of the limitation of the USB/IDE adapter, which can support a max of 20MB/s.


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