ND-3550 works only at UDMA1


I’ve installed a new ND-3550 in my HP dc7100 desktop PC (based on Intel 915 chipset). In the bios the device is configured to “Max DMA” but Windows XP shows that the device works at Ultra DMA 1. I’ve installed the latest bios from HP and Intel’s INF v7.2.2.1006 (manually updated the IDE controller drivers too).

Any idea?


Make sure that you use UDMA2-compatible IDE cable.

The bios identifies the cable a “80 pin conductor”.
Do you think the bios does more than that, like actually tests the reliability of the different UDMA modes and sets the actual mode accordingly?

Well, if you have a 80-pin cable, that’s enough. But I don’t understand how it can identifies a cable type… You have to look deeper into your BIOS settings. Maybe it have some hidden settings (like GigaByte’s Ctrl+F1)?

Had a similar problem with my 4550 … after testing noticed that it seemed to have a strange problem when it was set as slave in the same IDE with my h/drive(UDMA 1) … so i put it as master in the other IDE channel and relocated my old 3520 as slave with my h/drive … now everything works fine UDMA 2 with both drives … worth the time to check this out… had nothing to do woth bios settings at least in my case

That could very well be the problem is it is indeed the slave with the original Liteon CDROM as the master.
I’ll check and update.