ND-3550 is really loud compared to 3520?

Before you jump and on me and tell me to use DriveSpeed, I did.

Currently I have a ND-3520 and today I replaced a dead Lite-On CD-RW drive with a ND-3550.

So, when I play a pressed DVD in the ND-3520, it’s really quiet, however, when I play the same DVD in the ND-3550 the drive is really loud. Sounds like it’s reading at 16X.

I used DriveSpeed, but only half the options come up and it says the drive’s max speed is 12X. This happens with both firmware 1.05 and 1.06.

Any ideas?

Best idea: use ND-3520 for watching movie and the 3550 to rip. :slight_smile:

All my NEC drives such when it comes to DVD playing and ripping. Good thing I have the Lite-On DVD ROM that goes quiet when playing the movie, and rips full speed when ripping. With the NECs I had to choose either fast rippiing, or quiet playing

Once I had a NEC 3520 who had an interesting quality: when I was first inserting a disc the drive would spin up at max speed (16x max) , when I reinserted the same disc twice the drive would spin-up at half-speed (8x max) and when I reinserted the same disc for the third time the disc would barely spin-up (2x); I was stunned to observe this while I was catalogging my discs…;though wierd , I used this quality for that time being satisfactory.