ND-3550-A, slow, won't burn, crashes comp?

ND-3550-A NEC Drive

It was burning a not even full disk in no less than 12 minutes which was driving me crazy. I saw here where you could flash the firmware to perhaps resolve these issues. I went with the 1.06 Version from NEC’s website because I thought that would be safe. It wasn’t.

Now when I boot their is a super delay before start-ups load, then the screen goes blank two times in a row, sometimes XP simply reboots again for no reason.

Main Problem: Now when I burn a data disc it takes it’s normal 12 minutes again but this time there is nothing being reported on the disc??

Is their a solution to this problem?
I’m using NERO, is that the problem?

Welcome to the forum. Hard to say what happened with your flash, but I would think that your problem has to do with DMA settings. Look in the sticky section of the Optical Drive forum to see how to deal with DMA. If it were my drive I would try a new firmware flash but I would try one from here: http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/en/NEC-ND-3550A/

They are reliable. I had a bad flash one time with an NEC and your problem could be the same, plus the DMA issue.

  1. Downloaded and flashed the 1.Y6 firmware version, it took fine.
  2. DVD’s now burn and show as being burned when viewed.
  3. DVD’s now burn about 40% faster [Using 12X DVDs]

The problem at bootup has Not gone away, it still pauses and literally BLANKS out the screen 2 times which it has never done before I started flashing the firmware of th DVD drive.

Still have the issue with autoplay effect. When a cd/dvd like Starcraft is put into the drive it will detect it and run only 10% of the time. I have to re-insert it many many times for it to be read. Sometimes when loading software the drive just Spins-Down to nothing and I have to repeat the installation or rpeat loading a game from a disc.

I am pulling my hair out, help? Anyone?

First thing to do is disconnect the DVD drive and make sure it is the problem.

[B]I can’t do that until Wednesday Feb 14 at the earliest.[/B]

[U]Please[/U] keep this thread in mind because I’ll post my results then.

I’ll check back but Windows boot problems are not my forte so hopefully others will weigh in.