I have seen a few articles and posts mentioning the ND-3540A is to be made available in this month, (April). I am in need of buying a new drive sometime fairly soon and was wondering if people thought it would be wise to get this drive so close to its release. I was going to buy a Pioneer DVR-109, but even now, months after its release, the firmware for it is flaky at best, and its having a hard time buring many media’s at their rated speed. Any insight by NEC owners about previous models experience, (early new model purchases), is greatly appreciated.



3500 was great, 3520 a minor disappontment, early reviews of the 3530 poor.

Seem to see a pattern here. I would hold off and see.

If you need to get one now look into the LG or the BenQ.

Find a post by me that is not too old on what drives are the best alterative to the 3520 right now. More info can be found in it.


If you want a drive now, I would suggest the LG 4163.

I had a new BenQ 1620 that burned fine, but always got hot even when it wasn’t burning. It burned DVDs fine, but I didn’t like that it gets so warm even after light use. If you put your nose up to it, you could even smell a strong burning odor.

That isn’t normal for a DVD burner, is it?

So I returned the BenQ to Newegg after only a few days of use. They were cool about it and let me exchanged it for an NEC 3520, they even waived the restocking fee. Even though the Benq worked fine, I didn’t like the fact that it gets so hot, since heat is the enemy of all computer hardware.

I like the 3520. Oh, I like the 3500 too. And oh, I also like the 3450. :slight_smile:

I personally have never had a problem with the nec 3520 markrb, in fact it’s the best drive i’ve owned. (I’m comparing it to 3 different dvd-rom drives I’ve owned in the past year). I can’t speak for the lg.

I agree with 790
I had Lite-On 832S - nothing special, then I sold it, and I need to bought a new drive, Many people told me buy LG, its a fine drive, but I found that this drive has some problems, and the burning quality is nothing special. I heard about the NEW NEC drive - 3520A, I watched some test and it was great, so I bought it, and one more thing, if you heard that this drive cant copy protected cd its wrong, THIS DRIVE CAN COPY protected CDs. :cool: