ND-3540A: TYG02/TY02 (8X) or TYG03 (16X)?



I need some quick replies. I’ve been perusing some of the threads but I still can’t make sense of them. Just bought this NEC drive a few hours ago, and I’m going to buy a 50 pack of TY DVD-R media from zima.com, but I don’t know whether I should get the 8X or 16X version.

Right now I don’t really care about speed, just quality. The cost difference doesn’t really matter either.


Most of the stock is 16X at BB. I don’t think there is much if any difference with a NEC burner. The 8XMIJ has been perfect in all my drives.


So does anyone have any scans or direct comparisons between Taiyo Yuden 8X and 16X dvd-r media burned on NEC ND-3540A drives?


Beware of fakes!


If I buy a pack Sunday I will give you a report.


My question is Liggy and Dee new firmware for the 3520A (1UG) just was released yesterday. Does it have the same write stratagys as 1UF. She specificly mentions Daxon 16x media as being supported but she doens’t say if she had to change any of the media to do this. When 1UF was released she mentioned TYG-02 and TYG-03 media but in this bersion there was no memtion, do I assume that Daxon was added with support for 16xdash and it is thew same as 1UF or is completely different?


Daxon TY are fake


I beleive you , but if you reaqd the changling from 1UF to 1UG on the 3520A Liggy has made changes to include Daxon media. I just want to know if the same write stratagys are being used in 1UG as 1UF. I am hoping they havent altered the origional stratagys


Oops I meant Rima.com. Sorry for the mix up.


Any info would be appreciated, thanks. I may have to experiment myself with a 50 pack of each of no one else can shed some light.


My batch of 100 TY DVD-R 16x, (from Rima.com), will arrive on Tuesday. I will burn a few and post then, (in case anyone is interested). :slight_smile:


I am :slight_smile:


Definitely interested. I just realized that my Toshiba SD-M1712 dvd reader doesn’t support quality scans in Nero CD-DVD Speed (3.80).


Ordered it Friday afternoon from newegg and received it today, the following Tuesday at noon. :slight_smile: But uh…now I have no dvd media to burn with. :sad: