ND-3540A installation (windows wont start)

i am completely new to installing hardware but recently purchased ND-3540A off www.komplett.ie
wat i recieved was simply the drive itself with no cd/guide. i followed my computers guide book to adding new drives and seemed to get everything right. yet when i start my computer windows (xp home) just fails to start up, the only way i got it to start up again was by opening my computer back up and disconnecting the new dvd drive.

i am completely baffled. is there something i need to install on my computer so it can recognise the drive and start windows?? any help greatly appreciated.

You Probably need to check your jumper settings in the back of the drive and ensure the drive is set to the proper setting. Example Master, Slave or Cable select Welcome to CD Freaks.:slight_smile:

that did the job. cheers, really appreciate it :bow:

Your Welcome. Happy burning.:slight_smile: