ND-3540A Installation Problems

I recently bought and installed a ND-3540A and Windows XP pro recognizes it as only a standard CD-ROM. I’ve did some searching and havn’t found any drivers for it. Any help is apprciated.

Well, optical drives don’t have drivers, so you aren’t likely to find any. The real question is, do burning programs see it as a DVD Writer?

I answered my own question. While clicking around in the properties of the drive I found a driver section and it said that the driver was assigned by Roxio 5. So I figured since that is an old version I’d install Nero and see if it had a new driver. After installing the demo, windows does recognize it as a DVD burner. And it burns fine.

And to answer your question, the burning software only saw it as a CD-ROM

Now I’m using Nero, since Roxio 5.3.5 (just updated) doesn’t recognize the drive as a writer. Nero sees it and allows me to write discs and reports 16x burn speed but it seems slow to me (40min). I have a 8x drive at home and that writes a full DVD in about 20 mins. Its taking approximatly 40 - 45 mins to burn a full dvd. Has anyone else had similar problems?

Yep, it can be caused by your DMA being off. It’s been answered a million times, so you can search around for it, but basically…

-Open up the Device Manager, uninstall your Secondary IDE channel.
-Reboot computer, let it automatically reinstall and redetect the drive and it will turn DMA back on.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

thought i uninstlled maybe i didn’t… sorry reboot brb

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I did some checking and indeed my NEC is installed on my Secondary IDE Channel and is Device 1. It was set to PIO only. I uninstalled the IDE Channel and it was reinstalled on reboot. But to my dismay it was set to PIO mode again. I changed the Transfer Mode to DMA if available and rebooted. That unfortunatly didn’t change the Current Transfer Mode from PIO MODE.

Device 0 my original DVD burner is set to Ultra DMA Mode 2. I’ve done some more searching on this forum and havn’t found anyother threads where uninstalling and reinstalling the controller hasn’t work. I’ll look some more but any more help is appreciated.

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Found the problem. UDMA was disabled in BIOS. Why DMA was enabled on the device 0 when it was disabled in BIOS I don’t know. But DMA is now enabled on my new Drive and it is burning faster.

On a second note now that I have enable the actual write speed regedit it seems to top out at 8x. Is that normal for 16x media (verbatum)?