ND 3540A disappearing from windows..help

HI there, Last month I bought a NEC ND3540A and so far everything really smooth but…yesterday I did try a new media MEmorex 16X which I did previously burn with a Pioneer DVD-102/A02,
Initially the DVD seems start reading but then it just kept spinning, I though it was becuse the media is apparently a new Memorex release and maybe in need of a firmware update, all in a sudden the drive did disappear from window as a device (!?) DID reset the PC and did try again, this time the NEC did read the dvd fine but for a bunch of second, wanted to eject the DVD but start spinning and the Drive led blinking fast.SHut the PC off, did check IDE cable and turn the PC on again, fine…I was finally able to read the data.
Again this morning turn the PC on to check emails and start notice that the DVD drive was trying to read my copy of COD2 left the night before but again the led was blinking fast… Check the dvd in explorer and found out that the drive was missing again!! any clue? should I worry about? I did check the Bios and the drive is read correclty…

P4 2.4 - 1Gb DDR 400 Corsair
Motherboard : Asus P4U800X
Nvidia Gforce 6600GT 256MB


Hi :slight_smile:

You could try another IDE cable first.

Do you have another device installed on the same IDE channel? If yes, which one is master and which one is slave?