ND-3540A continuous Disc-at-once error

Hello guys, I am currently running a fresh copy of windows XP sp2 and have both the latest version of Nero 7.0 as well UltraIso version
I have the latest firmware for my ND-3540A v1.03.

The problem I am getting is continuos errors near the finalizing process of the burn, I would get the error “could not perform disc-at-once” This happens on both of programs and with many brands of dvd-rs and even when I use lower burning speed.

I have a done a search prio to the post and found out that Nero may be the cause, however, I haven’t seen any definite answers. So please enlighten me. My previous NEC Nd-2510A was good writer but was really bad at ripping, I expected this one to perform even better but so far, I have 10+ failed burns. I hope this is not a hardward problem, if it is, I will never buy an NEC burner again.


what media?
use dvdidentifier and post the media code

I’m struggling with a burning issue that I am starting to believe is related to Nero 7 but I have no definitive proof as of yet. The fact that they ALREADY have a HUGE update tells me there are some issues in their code. http://ww2.nero.com/nero7/enu/nero7-up.php

It is starting to point the Nero direction, however.


I’ve read many times on this board that Nero 7 has issues. Try making an ISO with Nero, then burning the ISO with any free burning software like DVDDecrypter, so you’ll know for sure.