ND 3540A changing its mind?

Hi, a newbie here.

Win XP
Nero 7 premium
ND 3540A, firmware 1.WB (previously 1.04)

My primary problem is that some of the data DVD’s (Giga master “YUDEN000 T02 (000)”) i had burned 12 to 3 months ago, and worked fine, are suddenly seen as either “blank CD” or windows gives a “Disc may be corrupted…” message.
I know they’re fake (they were given to me, i didn’t buy them), but isn’t it odd that they’ve stopped being recognised by the wery same recorder that burned and read them flawlesly before? the same discs, no random pattern.
This also happened with other disks (i can’t remember the brand, they were not mine).

note: each of them works fine on another comp.

IF this has been discussed before, please redirect me to the corresponding thread.

-I then flashed it with 1.04, at which point it stopped reading/writing all regular CDs (same message)*

Could an unsucceful flash KILL the CD support?

-Flashed with 1.WB (didn’t fix it)

*not being able to read CDs has been discussed in another thread, where DEE
suggested that it cannot be the firmware, but in my case it seems to be a suspicious coincidence.

Thanx for your patience.

Welcome to the forum.

A bad firmware flash would render the drive completely unusable. The fact that you have been able to flash the drive 2 times since then rules out firmware.

The only exception to this would be flashing the drive with a disc in the tray, as when the drive leaves safe mode and resets, the lens can come into contact with the disc and the lens can be damaged.

i flashed my 3540 with WA firmware,
after burning two discs, i tried it next day and it’s dead
can’t read any disk, and system hangs
I think it’s just an coincidence

First test the drive in another computer, then you will know if it is damaged or not.

ok, will do.

But is that to test if Windows has problems with the drive or if there are any hardware issues? Because i formated my HDD, installed XP and nothing.

Should i try replacing the cables, setting the drive to primary slave, secondary master?

I have the exact same problem with my 3540A. Flashed from W4 to WB and won’t read/burn any more cds. Tried going to 1.04 and that didn’t work.

I may have had a disc in it, I can’t really remember. I think I left the tray open with the disc in tray, but not 100% sure.

A chance for killing a drive…

My Nec 3540a seem to be dead too, I’m sure there was not cd/dvd inside will flashing it with 1 WB. Its worked fine few days ago, but since 2 days it make an error “incorrect fonction”. This suck :x

Is there a good remplacement for my nec 3540 ? This burner was a jewel, it burned anything, it was a good reader + good scanning capability.

Have you tried flashing using BINFLASH?

I flash it with binflash today, in fact my burner can’t read CD anymore. However it still read dvd.

I recall that I had the disc in tray, but the tray was open when I flashed. After the message “leaving safe mode” the tray closed, but I guess the potential for damage is still there.

Not sure if related, but when using DVD Decrypter, I get the following error:
Device[1:1:0] _NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A 1.04 (K:) (ATA)
Unable to disable media change notification.

Reason: The parameter is incorrect.

Abort, Retry, Ignore

I just ignore it and it reads dvds just fine. I also seem to get programming errors with dvd shrink now when reading dvds. In any case, I will probably just get myself a new dvdrw. Debating between NEC or Lite-On right now.


Strongly recommend either a LiteOn or BenQ to replace your NEC burner - believe me - the new NEC’s are crap - unlike the 3500, 2510 and 2500 which were [I]the[/I] burners of their day (I still have two 3500’s in storage)-eh!