ND-3540A Burner Problem

I recently installed an ND-3540A burner. It was recognized by WinXP SP1 with no problems. I was able to update the burner’s BIOS with version 1.03 thanks to BINFlash. However, when I run Nero’s Infotool, it freezes and I have to reboot the computer. When I try to burn a DVD with Nero version, the computer once again freezes during the “checking discs” phase. When I try to burn a DVD using Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus version 9.4.3, it also hangs the computer.

The burner is installed as the master drive on a Promise Ultra66 board. There are no other drives on this board. Promise shows that it has allocated DMA 2 for the drive.

I’ve used the promise board for a CD burner in the past with no problems from Nero.

Any suggestions?



Install the m$ IDE drivers and update Nero to

Then try again and please post a logfile here.

Thanks for the quick response, chef. I’m uncertain about installing the m$ IDE drivers. I assume that you mean the Microsoft IDE drivers to replace the standard Promise drivers - but I may be wrong.

The WinXP hardware manager is reporting the Promise hardware under the SCSI type and it’s using the Promise ultra.sys driver build 143.

The other IDE controller on my system is the SiS IDE controller and uses these drivers:


The Nero upgrade won’t be any problem.

Thanks again,


So you have connected the burner to which controller?

If it is the IDE controller then leave it so, but check the Devicemanager for some trouble.
Promise controllers are known for being unable to allow optical drives to work, at least 99% of them.
Check out there site to find updates.

The burner is connected as the master device on the Promise Ultra66 board. I’ve checked the Promise site and I’m using their latest drivers - which are quite old. Although I’d like to continue to use the Promise board, I have read that there can be problems with that board when used with optical drives.

I’ve thought of putting the burner on the secondary IDE controller and moving the hard drive to the Promise board but I haven’t done it yet.


Yes, you should do that.

I’ve read that only 1 out of 10 or more Promise cards support optical drives.