ND-3540A and RAW SAO?

I purchased this model recently and have mostly been using it with Alcohol 120 in RAW SAO mode with no problems. Then a few days ago my PC had a major meltdown and I had to do a fresh installation of Windows XP Pro.

Now I’ve just opened Alcohol to burn a file and suddenly there’s no RAW SAO mode available! When I check out the review here on cdfreaks, it looks like this model doesn’t support RAW SAO. Is this true? and if so how could I have been using this method? I also upgraded the firmware to the official v.1.03 but I don’t think that has anything to say (I don’t remember if I used RAW SAO after the upgrade).

I can’t believe a new drive like this wouldn’t support RAW SAO. Is there something I forgot during the new installation? (I have ASPI drivers v.4.60). I really need RAW SAO as it’s been the most reliable for my use. It’s really confusing that first this mode was available and now it’s gone.

Help! Any suggestions? Thanks.

The drive does support RAW SAO :wink:

Maybe it has something to do with the setup of Alcohol 120? But I can’t find anything under “options” that relates to it. Hmmmm…