ND-3540 & Ritek D01 Speed Up

Is there any firmware for the ND-3540a to burn Ritek D01 discs faster than 2.4x?



Simple reply: no. :disagree: - and I doubt it would be good idea anyway, the quality would probably be awful.

Buy ritek DL media is just a waste of money.

Verbatim DL media will give you far superior quality, 1.W8 can burn it at 8x with good quality. I’ll try 1.03 firm later.

It’s funny and also weird to see that people insist to buy DL media beside Verbatim…
Verbatim should be the only choice for DL media yet.

ritek d01 burned in september 3540
rescanned in november

Thanks for the information. It was right to the point. I’ve returned a 15 unit cake to Fry’s and purchased a 10 pack of Verbatim’s at Newegg - they’ve got an $8 rebate on the Verbatims.


New Ritek media is horrible.
R04’s anyone? Wow, what crappy discs. I can’t even burn them at 6x and get reliable results. Frames drop and skip.

Only at 4x, the slowest speed I can burn it, will I HOPEFULLY get a good backup.

The media is rated at 16x. Ridiculous. I’m only buying discs made in Japan from now on.

I’ve just finished burning a group of DVD’s and here are my results.

Ritek D01 - 5 good DVD’s and 5 coasters which failed during the layer 2 burn.

Verbatim - 10 good DVD’s and NO coasters.

By the way, the Verbatim’s wrote at 8x with the 1.03 firmware.

The Verbatim website (www.verbatim.com) says that their DL media will burn at 2.4x to 8x. The Verbatim package only shows 2.4x.


MKM001 is reated at 2.4x but can be burnt up to 8x with some new burners.
They also have MKM003 media which is 8x rated…