ND-3540 doesn't read CDs, only DVDs

It seems like my ND-3540 without any particular reason has given up reading CDs. When I insert a CD into the drive, be it a CDR or an original CD-ROM, it just starts to make clicking noises and doesn’t “spin up” properly. About 50 seconds clicking noises, with about 3 seconds between every click, the drive goes silent. Windows believes that the drive is empty. I have tried several different firmwares to solve this problem, but it doesn’t seem to help. I am currently using Dee’s ND3540 1.W9 firmware. My OS is XP Pro SP2, but it shouldn’t matter, since the problems occur even before booting into Windows.

Does anyone have any idea about how to solve this problem? It just seems so strange that it reads DVDs, but not CDs.

Test the drive in another computer to find out if it’s still working or not.

Same thing happened to me. You will need to RMA the drive, it is no longer working normally. I contacted Newegg (where I purchased my drive) and processed my RMA from there.

Thank you for you answers. I will contact my retailer.