ND-3520AW (1.UF) rips slow in dvd shrink



I have a ND-3520AW with 1.UF flash (not the quiet version)

if i try ripping a 2 layer disc in dvd decrypter, it rips nice and quick.

if i try ripping a 2 layer disc in dvd shrink, it goes at about 1x!!!

1 layer always seems to rip nice and fast no matter what software i use. i have the latest version of dvd shrink…

any ideas why dvd shrink doesn’t want to cooperate?


how fast is your pc and from where to where would you like to rip?..if you want from the nec to the maxtor on the secondary channel its normal that you have a low speed :wink:

oh an please read the FAQ :wink:


nevermind, i just started looked in the task manager during a rip and i see the CPU is pegged to the max.

time to get a faster CPU!


Not only that, but what are you doing in DVD Shrink? If you are using deep analysis and the maximum quality settings it’s reading from the drive multiple times at slower speeds to plan a compression strategy. Its best to rip the whole thing to the HDD first with DVD Decrypter then run it though shrink. Save time and wear on the drive.


thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

it seems to me like dual layer discs are still being read/ripped in quiet mode. single layer is fine… :confused:


Dual layer discs almost always rip slower than single layer. The laser has to be more precise to read between the layers.