ND-3520a stock 1.04(6th) firmware with Riplock removed and SL Bitsetting?

Does anyone have a 1.04(6th) based firmware with Riplock removed and SL Bitsetting but without the custom write strategies? I only use high quality media and the stock 1.04 firmware works great with my Fuji TY. But I would love to have riplock removed and auto bitsetting!

1.04 firmware does not support SL bitsetting

Does that mean that it’s not possible even with being modified?

If so, what about a 1.25 firmware (auto bittsetting SL+) with stock write strategies but with riplock removed and RPC1? I have noticed a lot of folks with similar requests…

Not to say we don’t like the custom ones either, keep them coming! Since I only use TY DVD+R (and a few Verbatim 16x) I am happy with the results I get with the stock firmware.

I for one don’t understand folks wanting miracles out of cheap media. I have always been very picky about my media even for CD-R. For example Fuji TY (both CD-R and DVD+R) can be found for near the same price as cheap crap in many stores. Why compromise? (ok off soapbox!)

YUDEN000T02 and MCC004 is not available in every country in the world. I guess people have to buy whats available.
I guess i could do a 1.05 firmware without the speedups, but the modified firmware doesn’t just speed media, some of the patches are to improve write quality, even on T02 and MCC004 :wink:

That would be great!
Either way, thx for your contributions!