ND-3520a & Region Code Errors?



i recently bought my first DVD burner, an ND-3520a

on a couple of movies i downloaded from newgroups, and then burned to DVD, i’m getting an “Incorrect DVD Region” error…i have also gotten a “Check Video Signal” error…from my standalone player…but they play fine on my PC

so my question is: can these errors be related to a BAD BURN, or is it more likely a compatability issue with my standalone player? :confused:

i am not sure if my player is region free (& i can’t find a region hack for it), but the burned DVDs should be region free, no?..at least the region is shown as 1,2,2,4,etc. in DVDInfoPro…and i do know that my player does do PAL - NTSC conversions :a

my info.: ND-3520a, FW 1.UF, Verbatim DVD +R 16x MCC004, burned @ 16x w/ up-to-date Nero Ultra, standalone player: Samsung C621


The standalone player sounds to be the culprit, run the copy through dvd shrink (no compression) and set it to the region of your country/player then burn it, if that works then do the same above but tick “region free” and see if that works.

Most/all of those dvdrs on the net are set for all regions, but some standalone players refuse to play “region free” dvds but set the same disc at the players set region and usually it will play fine.


Did your firmware > FW 1.UF< come with the drive? Never heard of this f/w.


yeah, it’s a hacked version of 1.U4 :stuck_out_tongue:

woops, my bad :smiley:


thanks for the advice, GlamRocker…i re-encoded the movie as Region 1, and it played ok :slight_smile:

but i’m still getting a “Check Television Type” (or something like that, i can’t remember the exact terminology), on a couple of DVDs

guess it’s just the crappy player having trouble converting PAL to NTSC :stuck_out_tongue: