ND-3520A problems eject and simulate

Hello everybody !

I’ve a problem with my new burner.
I use thas last Nero version.
I have the 1.04 Fw and test also 1.25beta3 LD

If the eject button is pressed during a burning session, the burner stop and eject the disc !!!

I have a pioneer on the same computer, and i’ve never seen this on it !

Do you think it’s an fw issue or a software issue ? ( eg problem/bug with Nero and two burner … )

Did you have the same problem ? The problem is same with CDR or DVD-R, also when simulate burning.

I’ve tested on another computer and the problem happen only rarely … 1 of 30 time. ( each test with simulate or real burn with RW )

2 )

I found another strange problem with this NEC. When i simulate a burn, if i stop before the end ( with the cancel/stop button of any software as Nero / CDSpeed ) the burner don’t stop and the only way to stop it is to reboot the computer.

With my Pioneer DVR-106D, i’ve no problem with eject or burn simulating

Why are you doing such things :confused:

I agree. That was stupid.
What else do you expect an eject button to do?
All drives I ever owned do this … though a few require double-tap.


Pressing the eject button while burning is just madness :eek:

Though i should thank you for making me laugh so much.

It’s the first burner i have with this things …
Before with Yamaha, Liteon, HP, LG, Pioneer, Samsung, it was impossible to open it while burning process.

I have 3 CD/DVD units and an error is always possible… and i’ve discover this problem by error, and one DVD-R dead …

There is no utility to open it while burning, but perhaps, NEC thinks there is one interest !

Why do you need to even press the eject button while burning? i have no idea why anyone would do such a thing.

no need, i repeat it’s an error …

but why NEC and not the others brands.

Other brands are Moron-Proof. You need some common sense to operate the NEC.

Yeah, saves money too :stuck_out_tongue:

And also, if you cancel before it stops, the burn WILL stop eventually. sometimes it’ll continue to burn a bit more. It’s not just NEC.

HAHAHHAHHAHHAA ziiinng!! :iagree: