ND-3520A not detecting blank DVD+Rs + other problems

I’ve searched high and low, googled, tried everything I can possibly think of, including some of the suggestions here, but nothing has worked. This is my last resort before I break down and put my foot through my box.

Here’s my specs:

P4 3.0Ghz HT
Twin 120Gig WD SATA Hard drives (Not RAIDed)
Radeon 9800 Pro 128
SB Audigy 2 Sound Card
Intel D875PBZ Mobo

This will require a little explaining, so please bear with me. I originally had a Lite-On DVD/CDRW Combo drive slaved on the same IDE cable with the NEC-3520AW. Both worked for the longest time, then for whatever reason the Lite-On decided it didn’t want to read anything anymore. After checking jumper settings, updating firmware, everything I could think of, I gave up and trashed it. Now I have the NEC on it’s own IDE cable. It used to work fine, I backed up DVDs I had with no problems. In fact, it still reads regular data/audio CDs and DVDs fine. I just played Batman Begins a second ago. To top it all off, my second hard drive is reporting a ‘S.M.A.R.T. Event’ which basically is a countdown until the drive completely fails. I’ve got all my stuff copied over to the first drive, but I want to back it up to DVD just in case my luck ‘pays in full’ and my first drive fails.

Whenever I put in a blank DVD+R, the same kind I had been using to back up my other DVDs, it changes the My Computer icon to “CD drive” and stops. It doesn’t freeze, but it doesn’t detect a disk. Subsequently, any burning program I use (Nero, Roxio) does not detect the drive at all! I updated both my mobo BIOS and the firmware on the drive to the most recent today, and still nothing. I’ve tried replacing the IDE cable, changing the IDE drivers to the Standard MS ones (which I’m running right now), and neither has worked.

It just seems like my computer is slowly dying, and it’s not more than two years old. We recently moved back from Germany to Texas, so it is possible it was damaged in the move, but I haven’t noticed any physical signs.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Seems you are pretty handy with changing hard drives and dvd-roms. If you have a spare hard drive, replace the one you have. Put just Windows on it, latest drivers for everything and Nero (forget all other applications, you don’t need them for this test)

If everything works in this setup, then Windows is the problem. If it still doesn’t work, then it could possibly be hardware related. But from you description I am leaning towards software problem.

You’d be surprised how many problems with computers could be fixed just by reinstalling windows

I completely understand. I may try that in a few days, and exhaust all other options first. The hard drive on the fritz isn’t my bootable drive. The busted one has one partition of 120 gigs for storage alone. The other drive has two partitions, a 20 gig for OS and system files (vid card drivers, DIVX stuff, etc), and a 100 gig for storage and program installation.

I can try pulling out the screwy hard drive before I flat out reinstall windows. Lord knows I’m probably due a format/reinstall anyway. Meh. I’m running a hard drive diagnostic utility right now. After it’s done I’ll try writing zeroes to the drive and hopefully resolve any ‘soft’ bad sectors. I’m hoping I don’t have another dead drive. I can’t afford a replacement right now :sad:

Well I’ve got an update. My second HD finally gave up the ghost, so I pulled it. In prep to reinstall windows I uninstalled nearly every program I had on my computer. In addition to these were Alcohol 120%, Virtual CD, CloneDVD2, and a few others. After it all was said and done, I reinstalled Roxio and the burner is working now.

I think there may have been a conflict somewhere in the programs I was using, but as to which one I can’t say. In any case, I’m getting all my stuff backed up to DVD :bigsmile:

Anyone experience conflicts with any of those programs?