ND-3520A going to write DVD-R (DL) soon via official FW update


first time i post in the NEC forum, i hope this is “new” information for you… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t know, if anyone already posted this, but i just saw that from approximately May, 1st the 3520 will be able to burn DVD-R (DL)…
got this from here
if this is old information (i used the search :wink: but did not find something about this) just forget this post… :wink:



it’s old, but thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Maybe the search function doesn’t work that well :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe search doesnt work at all;)

You probably just need to search for different words or have a look at thread titles from the last 2 weeks :wink:

which means that i do not regullary read this part of the forum, since i don’t have (or will not buy in the near future) a dvd-burner…
a short search for 3520 dvd-r (DL) didn’t bring results (at least i didn’t see some good while flying over them)…
this message was just announced as “news” from a german pc-news website - which i now don’t read now any more… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Next time you decide to post ‘new’ information just take time to browse a few pages of the forum and read a few posts, saves posting weeks old info :slight_smile:

thanks - i know how to “use” a forum… :o
btw: i will retire now from the nec forum… :wink:

I love to read this thread (or is it the moving gif :bigsmile: )

I started to make a comment but didn’t as it is old news but no need to run off from NEC forum :wink:

Hey, we all make mistakes, as the Dalek said climbing off the dustbin :bigsmile: