ND-3520A for old PC?

I need to get a CD/DVD burner for an old PC with the following specs:

Pentium III 600MHz
27GB 7200RPM HD
Windows 98SE

I am not interested in DVD video backup on this machine. The burner will be used solely for data backup. High speed is not important. 8x or even 4x will do. More interested in good burns on quality media (Verbatim DLP, Taiyo Yuden).

Will the NEC ND-3520A work for the above stated purpose? Anyone using it in an older PC without problems?

Works for me fine in an old AMD 700 system. (8x burns)

NEC 3520 or 3540 should work on that system. My m8 has a 3540 running on an AMD K6-2 350mhz with 256 megs ram and Windows 98se. He uses Acard DVD burning software, free trial download at the bottom of this page >> Acard DVD Burning Software <<.

It gives you a six month free trial, fully functional. When the trial expires after six months, uninstall it. By then, they will have updated to a newer version, so you can download that from the site and have a six month free trial of that version :slight_smile: