ND-3520A external dvd rw not recognized by XP



Please help! I just bought NEC ND-3520A external dvd rw drive, connecting to my computer through USB 2.0 and both of my computers running windows xp will not recognize it and it does not install itself automatically. Seach for hardware doesnt work. The drive itself seems to work since the tray opens and closes but otherwise my computers will not recognize it.

Is it defective or is it some settings that i have to change?

thanks a lot!



I’ve never used an external drive before, but here is what I would check out in any case:

  1. Does your motherboard support USB 2.0?

  2. If so, is USB 2.0 Support enabled in the motherboard BIOS?

  3. Does NEC provide you USB Drivers that you would need to install before you install your drive? Some USB devices that I’ve used in the past require software installation before hardware installation.

I hope this helps you.


Yes my motherboard supports USB 2.0 and it is enabled. The driver that came with my dvd external drive is for windows 98 only since xp is suppose to install automatically.

any other suggestions?


Connect the NEC directly to the Secondary IDE cable inside the PC. USB is buggy. This format is not designed for continuous high data flow like DVD burning.


ill try that. thanks!