ND 3520a - burning problems

  • when burning sometimes just stops… i have to Start-restart
  • when burning is finished, copy just ain`t the same as original (burning errors)
  • didn`t upgrade bios (1.04)

Already tried:

  • all sorts burning progs (nero, cdrwin…),
  • different cds, dvds
  • also bought plextor 716 a (same problems)
  • different cabe (cd/dvd to motherboard)
  • master / slave
  • while burning closed all other apps
  • tried looking at forums, but nobody seems to have such probs

doesnt think its cd/dvd burner`s defective, i suspect motherboard or ide controlers:

  • primary ide controllers says: ultra dma mode 5 ?! (other choise is PIO only)

Is my last try really to try burner at friend`s comp. or repair service ?

Any advice would be mostly welcomed, thanks in advance

Power Supply? What are your system specs?