I got a ND-3520, dvd burner, which have worked fine until just now. Just yesterday it stopped playing the sound of my dvd’s. Since I’m using it for my htpc, it’s most irritating.

I tried:

reinstalling sound drivers
removing it from device manager
plug out, and back in again
checked that it plays digital output/tracs or whatever the option says in windows.

tried making a image of a dvd.

The weird thing is, that the image could be played by other computers with sound, but however when trying to play it with my computer which has the 3520 in it, it won’t play any sound. Even tried 3 different dvd programs, and installed different sound codecs all over.

Finally, I’ve tried three different firmwares, with the same result.

Anyone experienced something like it? :confused:

looks like a software problem… if not , one way to be sure…
test your drive in another pc

Just finished reinstalling my whole system when you replied. And now it works fine again. Haven’t really experienced anything like it before though, a really weird windows bug I guess