ND-3520 question

Hi! Im new to this fourm and I have a question about my burner.
As the title I have a ND-3520 burner and Im using Ridata 8X DVD’s (DVD code RITEKG05) I have FW 3.05 right now.Using nero ultra 6 to burn
My question is I want the best burn possable I really dont care about speed.
Is this FW a good one or is there a better one out there?
When I run the Nero CD DVD Speed what PI errors and PI failures are the best? higher or lower?
And what are the PI errors and PI failures?

Thank-you for your time

Hello Fig and welcome to the forum.
Firmware 3.07 is the latest official firmware for this drive.
Lower PI/PIF errors are always better, you may consider switching media to more reliable media though. G05 has had some serious quality problems.

Thank-you for the info Dee-27
I will update my FW to 3.07
What is the best media out there right now? and what lable is the media under?
Thanks again Craig

The best DVD+R media with the NEC 3520 I have found with the most consistent high quality burns and lowest PIE/PIF scores is Verbatim 16x DVD+R. I stock up when its onsale at a store like Best Buy - sometimes half-price!
I’ve tried Fuji 8x DVD+R (Ricoh media) which is my second best results on the NEC 3520. I’ve also some TDK 8x DVD+R (CMC media) that was very cheap on sale at Circuit City, but doesn’t give as good quality scores - I’d rate it average and I only used it for less critical stuff.

I’ve used Fuji and Ridata 4x DVD+RW (Ricoh media) for backup and reusable temporary stuff. I just ordered a 25 spindle of the newer Ridata 8x DVD+RW (Ritek media) that is supposed to be supported by the latest NEC 3520 firmware (3.07 and those based on that) - I recommend updating the firmware to a 3.07 based version, I use LD2.U5 myself, since it supports many of the newest media and the older versions don’t, and the LD firmware adds faster DVD ripping speed too.

Thanks for the info VeryBadBoy,
Ive updated my FW to 3.07 and will try a burn and post the results. :smiley:

Don’t overlook Taiyo Yuden +R 8X from Rima.com. Quality scans are better for this media on virtually any drive. Also, the MCC 004 16X Verbatim mentioned above is better at 12X. This will be true for virtually any drive and 16X media. I have only found a single exception ( LG 4166 and MCC 004 made by CMC) and it is not always the case.

On some media you will get better quality burns (lower PIE/PIF) with lower speeds. On that TDK +R media for example I used 8x or even 6x speed for much decent quality. On the Fuji (TY media) +R I found 8x speed was the best, though higher speeds are supported some discs would get higher PIF. Only the high quality Verbatim 16x +R media I have found gives me consistent great quality results even at the highest speeds 12x and 16x.

I didn’t say that the 16X burns were not quality. I said that it is [I]better[/I] at 12X.

I see the DVD-R RITEKG05 listed in the firmware 3.05 media list, supported at up to 8x speed. I’ve only used the +R media myself since I’ve found great quality with the ones like Verbatim 16x, and +RW media for reusable purposes.

Yes I too usually use lower speeds, but when I got the Verbatim 16x +R recently, I tried it first at 12x and was amazed I was getting better quality scans than even 6-8x on the Fuji (TY) media. Then I tried a couple at 16x and it was just as good as 12x for those discs. I’ll probably stick at 12x normally though, not every disc will probably do so well at the bleeding edge speed of 16x and its only a slight bit faster hardly noticeable.

I would like to say Thank-you to the people who helped me with my issues w/ my burner.
I updated my FW to 3.07 and bought a 100 pack of Verbatim 16X DVD+R media.
Reading from my 1st burn and I’m very happy with the out come

Verbatim DVD+R burned at 8X and tested at 8X
ID Code MCC 004
PI Errors
Average: 4.37
Maximum: 36

PI Failures
Average: 0.10
Maximum: 7

Now I have a few more questions,
What is the best burn speed is the lower the better?
and also when running the CD/DVD Speed test Where should I read at as in speed?

Thanks again for all of your help :slight_smile:

I’ve found with the great quality Verbatim 16x DVD+R media I get as good quality at 12x as I did at 8x. Even 16x is still excellent with this media. I’ve been using 12x speed with it mostly, no need to go slower with that media in my opinion. On other lesser media (TDK, Fuji +R) I needed to go 8x or even 6x for good quality results though.

For DVD scans with CD/DVD speed test I use 8x speed, others use 5x speed, though with +R media I don’t personally get much difference between them. Sometimes at the end of the disc 5x read speed gives lower PIFs though. I just use 8x for a faster way to check the general quality, but with the Verbatims I never need to worry about it! :slight_smile:

Thanks again VeryBadBoy for the info.
I guess I should stock up on these DVD’s when I see them on sale :smiley:

Thats what I do - when Best Buy had a 1/2 price sale a couple months ago, I stocked up!