ND-3520 not reading DVD-R (but writes properly)


A while ago my ND-3520 (checked with FW v2.U1 and v2.U3) started having a problem with getting a synch on DVD-R disks. I can write DVD-R/+R CD-R properly (and with good quality). After the burn Nero completes the verify succesfuly, but when I eject the disk and then try inserting it again the drive doesn’t get a synch. In Windows Explorer the drive name changes from “DVDRW” to “CD Drive”, and when I try to browse the disk I get a message saying that the disk is corrupt…!!! These disk work perfectly in other drives (ND-3550 v1.05, Toshiba SD-M1502). The burned medias I checked with it are: Teac DVD-R 8X (TYG02) and Verbatim printable DVD-R 16X (MCC03RG20). The starnge thing is that when the disk is still inside the burner after the burn it’s still readable!!!

Thanks for any help,

In this case you should try the unit in another system (PC); if there goes ok it remains mainly to consider it as a software-related issue that can be solved usually by reinstalling the OS. If you cannot remove the unit, try reinstalling the OS or the drivers related to motherboard, the ASPI layer or maybe other softwares that work in background: anydvd, daemontools, inCD or anything you may suspect.