ND 3520 Burn Failing



Hi guys,

I recently installed an ND3520A, and it fails to burn anything. I use nero, and set it to determine max speed (x24 for a cd) and simulate the burn. This is fine but when the burning actually happens it hits 98/100% and reports the burn has failed.

Any ideas?



Hi there, welcome to cdfreaks.
Please give us some more information.
What discs are you using?
What firmware is loaded on your 3520?
What specific version of nero?


I’ve tried a range of CDs - Princo, Verbatim and Memorex.
The firmware is just as it came out of the box
I’m using Nero v6.6.0.6


Please tell us which computer you own and operating system. Is NEC burner in primary or secondary IDE and as master or slave? And the same for your hard drive.

I know it’s a lot of info, but I think its necessary to find out a solution.

I advise checking if DMA is working.


this writer is not good burning cds faster that 16x (well my 3500 doesn’t)
try 16x and see if it works, that cured my cd burning problems.

I have found OS and PC to be completely irrelavent to burning problems.
(unless nvidia chipset on mobo).


The drive is set as the master on my secondary IDE cable. My system hard drive is SATA, with a secondary drive on the primary ide cable. I’m running Win XP Pro.

no sigs so i’ll stil my spec here:

AMD Athlon XP - 2500+ @ 2205mhz | Abit AN7 | Hurcules 9800SE AIW + softmod | Kingston 512MB PC3500 DDR RAM | NEC ND 3520 | WD Raptor 37GB | Seagate 200GB

I’ve just burned a CD at 8x successfully. I’ll increase it and try a DVD next!

Thanks for all the help, a great welcome :bow:


That computer kicks mines in the bu… :smiley:

Have you tried DMA configuration?
Perhaps DMA is off in NEC or even DMA config at BIOS is not correct.
I think it should be set to “auto” .

I think transfer rate from hard disk may be wrong, but using a Raptor… it looks hard to believe. Anyway if there is a buffer underrun, I guess NEC (as any new CD recorder) has it’s own buffer underrun protection so the CD won’t be a coaster unless this protection (burn proof , burn link and so) is off.

HAve you tried VIA 4 in 1 (or the new VIA drivers. I don’t remember the new name) ?
IT solves DMA and IDE related problems…


I use nero, and set it to determine max speed (x24 for a cd) and simulate the burn.

Allow me to get this right, you are saying your hard drives cannot sustain a transfer rate of more than 3,600 kB/s (24X)? Or was it a copy-on-the-fly? The determine max speed option determines the speed of the slowest source, not the destination. If 24X was indeed the max source speed, then I suggest looking into problems with the data source.


I removed the drive from device manager, and reinstalled it, set the DMA to auto and i’m running full steam. Just trying my first DVD having got 48x on a CD! Thanks for the suggestions!